Who We Are…

Established in 1969, the Tiny Tots Development Center (TTDC) provides childcare services, preschool, and early childhood education in a nurturing environment. We are a diverse community here to serve the Rainier Valley and Greater Seattle area. We have five Sites in Rainier Valley including our Birth To Three Program, Four ECEAP, and one SPP classrooms, and our school-age program at the Fred Hutchinson Playground and Emerson Elementary School.

Our staff strives to guide children’s social-emotional, physical, cognitive, and language development through our use of carefully selected curriculum materials, classroom activities, field trips, family involvement, and support programs and presentations.

Why We Serve…

At Tiny Tots we strive to give children of all backgrounds the tools they need for success in school and in life. We reach out to the underserved families and give them a quality environment for their children to learn and grow. This gives families peace of mind knowing that their children are secure and learning through positive experiences while they work or go to school themselves.

Who We Serve…

Tiny Tots community is in the 98118-zip code which is according to the US census bureau the third most diverse zip code in the State of Washington. Our schools serve around 400 families with 235 children under the age of 12. Ninety percent of the children we serve come from low-income families. Fifty percent of the children we serve are in single-parent households. Forty-three percent of the children we serve are immigrants to the United States coming from all over Asia and Africa. Ten percent of our families are in relative or non-relative foster care. Ten percent have one parent absent due to being deployed in the armed services or incarcerated

Our Success….

Children who attend our Program learn to manage their feelings, get along with others and follow classroom procedures. They build the beginning skills for reading, math, and science. We work closely with parents to support their children’s health and education and to meet family goals. They help families access medical and dental care and social services. Children in this type of high-quality program nationwide are healthier when they start kindergarten, less likely to be in special education or repeat a grade in school, more likely to graduate from high school and go onto college, less likely to become pregnant as a teen or become involved in a crime, and more likely to be employed and to earn more as an adult.

Our History…

South Seattle resident Helen “Mama” Hicks founded Tiny Tots Development Center in her home in 1969 when she could not find quality care for her own two children. Mrs. Hicks came to the conclusion that the best care was going to have to come from her own efforts and initiatives. She quit her job at University Hospital and opened her home for three children to provide them with the best daycare experience since affordable quality daycare services were not available at that time for children of color. This is how Tiny Tots Development Center was born.

Nearly 50 years later, Tiny Tots Development Center is a state-of-the-art daycare facility serving more than 400 families and 235 children at five Seattle-area locations, with childcare services, preschool, early childhood, and after-school education in a nurturing environment that respects cultural diversity. Besides being one of the premier child development centers in South Seattle, Tiny Tots has partnerships within the community to promote healthy eating and lifestyles, provide families in need with free groceries and food, encourage high school students to gain employment and volunteer experience, and work with corporate sponsors to volunteer their time and assist with donations.

Our Future

Othello Square; Tiny Tots was asked to create a new Early Learning Child Development Center with preschool classrooms in July 2017 by Seattle Children’s Hospital, the owner of Building C. Which will include a new branch of  the Odessa Brown Clinic on the first two floors, five floors of affordable housing units above, and Tiny Tots on the ground floor next to the dental clinic, and shared building amenities. A unique feature of Tiny Tots at Othello will be a collaboration with the UW School of Education at the Othello Station and Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic. We will offer an integrated Therapeutic learning environment and inclusive programming for children with special needs.  Children can be monitored by a licensed Therapeutic Integration Specialist. The center will be a learning laboratory for Seattle Community College students and professors as well as UW students and professors through their new community connection center across the street.

The Hub; Tiny Tots Development Center helps to build the community through our partnership with Voices of Tomorrow in the TTELC HUB program to contract directly with DEEL for 35 SPP preschool spots. Voices of Tomorrow manages the SPP program component of the project under the guidance of the Tiny Tots Development Center. The HUB partners with 6 Family home care providers to serve the 35 SPP Children.

Tiny Tots Development Center serves as the fiscal agent for the HUB. We monitor the providers to ensure compliance with the program standards and provide technical assistance to the providers as needed