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Video’s From Tiny Tots Teachers

Read By Ms Octavia
Read By Ms Octavia
Read By Ms. Loralee
Read by Ms Loralee
Read By Ms. Loralee

Ms. Koy Reading 

Read By Ms. Loralee

The school age children teach the importance of wearing a mask

ish By Peter H Renolds Read By Ms. Loralee
Ms Nue Teaches us how to make imprints with leaves and paint.
Ms. Octavia teaches us the word “I”
Ms. Zelda teaches us left and right with a song and dance.

Ms. Angel teaches us how to plant a seed.

Ms. Naveah teachs us the word “am”

Two Little Eyes

Some special visitors brought special cars to see the kids.  
Some Cardio fun with Ms Marcella and the School Age Kids 
by Useni Eugene Perkins (Author), Bryan Collier (Illustrator)

Ms. Pat teaches us about the word “it” and Ms. Maria translates.

Hutchinson School age Kids have a dance Party.

Ms. Zelda and Ms. Jameila singing a mothers day song. Featuring Ms. Maria and Ms. Crystal as sharks.

Ms. Maria and Ms. Crystal singing “Pomponcitos”

Ms. Marcella of our Hutchinson school age program keeping us healthy by keeping us moving.

Ms Zelda sings the Days of the week and shows us the words in American Sign Language

Ms. Marcella and Tiny Tots school age program showing us the best way to get rid of germs.

Start your morning with a song. Sung by Ms. Zelda and Ms. Mimi.

Wash your Hands Song. Written by Mr. Jerry and Mr. Philip. Sung by Ms. Mimi and Ms. Zelda.

Video’s from The Internet

From the Nurses Desk

Jacqualine Boles RN, MSN

Nurse Jackie RN, MSN talking about prevention of COVID 19 transmition

Nurse Jackie RN, MSN teaching the proper use of masks and gloves

A Message From the CEO